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1planet4all is a community of people with similar values:
"Together for a better Future" is our claim. 
On the platform people can network, share photos, videos and stories or even form their own group. 

Currently, there are already various groups and there is more every day. 
There are among other things already groups in the following categories:
- Business 
- Health and nutrition 
- lifestyle 
- mobility 
- Innovation and Technology 
- Tourism: Personal tips for holidays and recreation

1planet4all is an international community and you can become part of a worldwide network. We support each other with information and know-how. If you would like to participate and shape 1planet4all, you are very welcome. Users who contribute with their activities to make 1planet4all attractive will be rewarded with our bonus system!

We are looking for users who support us with the following activities:
- Invite friends to 1planet4all.
- Write your own contributions and stories.
- Create a group on an interesting topic.
- Actively help shape and develop the platform.
- Link interesting videos. - Participate in surveys.
- Upload great photos.
- Suggest improvements and report any bugs.

With the registration on 1planet4all all members can give more emphasis to the important topics of our time and make a contribution according to our motto:
"We create a better future!

Info Center

Organizations, companies and individuals can present their products and services in the Info Center. With the Info Center we want to make it easy for 1planet4all users to buy and live as sustainably as possible.

In the info center one finds worldwide companies and humans with particularly lasting offers. The basic entry in the Info Center is free of charge and we offer that everyone can maintain his or her own entry. Who would not like to maintain the entry can make a donation and then committed users can take over the care of the entry.

Information to the following topics is particularly desired:
- Organic hotels - organic gastronomy
- Organic shops and markets
- Renewable energies: Biomass, Solar, Water, Wind
- Financing for sustainable companies and projects
- Holistic Health and Therapies
- Innovations and new technologies in the field of sustainability
- Social Projects
- NGOs and non-profit organizations that are in line with the ethical and social goals of the platform.
- Ecological travel and eco-tourism
- Environmentally friendly mobility (bus, train, car sharing, bicycle)

In the Info Center you can search not only for keywords, but also for a specific region


Advertising opportunities:

1planet4all offers both free and paid advertising opportunities for organizations, products and services.

The paid packages include the following features:

- Normal Listings
- Premium Listings
- Includes links for up to 60 products
- pictures
- Search Keywords (Tags)
- Addresses with telephone numbers
- Calendar with availabilities
- web pages
- Multiple languages
- appendices
- videos
- Up to 20 updates / year 

The 1planet4all platform is unique and offers significant advantages over many other platforms:

- Sharing Economy

We share our revenue with the active users who contribute significantly to the success of 1planet4all.

- User points have many advantages

Active users are rewarded with points. Points can be accumulated and converted into attractive rewards or local currency at a later date.

- Common values

Peace, social justice, transparency, sustainability, ecology and environmental protection are values that are particularly in our focus.